I was in my car driving through the intersection @ 42nd and Killingsworth tonight. You and your posse decided to be a crew of those tough gang banger wannabes and disregard the signal. Slowly walking against it as I had to slam on my brakes( to avoid a possible manslaughter charges) and not hit you.

As this was all going down, I can hear the chorus of "ohhhh" from both sides of the street.

"Shit" I thought and said aloud. We all stopped, you; the punkass point in the middle of this said some trashy idle threats our way. I put on the ebrake and got out to confront you. The three of you circled me as cars honked and you threatened to kick my ass. The guy in the truck behind me walked right up to the first one of you and punched you in the face, really hard.. The rest(and you now with a broken nose) ran like the wind.

People from all sides of the intersection stepped out to clap, others called it in to the police. I waited and filled out a report, pointing out the complex you bitches scampered off too.

Your actions were like Michael Douglas in that falling down movie. Guy in the bronco, you are now my hero...

Thank you!