Breeding parents, let me explain to you this hate that you've been feeling from anti-breeders. You see, its not that we hate children. We hate how you parents act about your children. Oh, your 5 year old is crawling around on the floor of the sit-down steak restaurant. Isn't that funny? That must be why you're braying like a jackass instead of parenting and teaching your child about appropriate behavior. What about all the times your child has screamed/shouted in an enclosed area, repeatedly, and you have failed to teach your child about using an inside voice? Maybe its because you're so impotent that you don't have any control over your child -whom you are socially responsible for- or maybe you're just deaf, but you leave the rest of the world to deal with the pain of your hellion's shrieks. You bring your children to inappropriate places, you take over adult hang outs to be play care for your brood because all the child centered hang outs aren't good enough. Yes, dear breeders, we are unhappy with you and your failure as parents to respect other people. So no, we don't love your children either. Because you fail.