Mr Single Dad asked me out a week ago for a second date. I was excited. Mr Single Dad is sexy, easy to talk to, stylish and interesting. He was straight up with me that he wasn’t “looking for anything serious” - good conversation, some Netflix and maybe he occasional sleep over. His focus is his son, and his son doesn't meet the women he dates. Not exactly what I’m looking for but he piqued my interest.
After date #1 he texted me that night telling me he had fun, that I’m cute and he hopes to see me again, soon. Needless to say, I was happy when he texted me that he was free the following Friday night and wanted to meet up. So date #2 was set.
I do the confirmation text the day before, he’s looking forward to it and he’s working til 10pm, so meet around 10:30pm? No big deal, I have Saturday off and a nightcap and some flirty conversation with sexy Mr Single Dad sounds great.
10:30pm… I text him.
11pm, 11:30pm, Midnight. Fuck this. I’m going to bed. I’m feeling the cold slow burn of getting dismissed that I can’t sleep. I'm consumed with feeling like a loser for giving a shit.
9:40am Saturday, I get, “Hiiiiiii, Sorry! Work ran late. Then my phone died after using pandora and excuses excuses. Sorry I missed you!!!”
I’m totally stumped. What the fuck do I do with this? So, I, Anonymous readers - what the fuck should I do/should have done?