This headline sums up today:


Take a Deep Breath: According to non-hysterical number crunchers, Obama has a 90 percent chance of winning.

Voting in the Dark: Voters in Sandy-ravaged areas are finding super long lines to vote and polling stations out of power.

Thank God for Vote by Mail: As East Coasters deal with hour-long waits and huge lines, more people than ever have voted early or by mail.

Vigilante Justice: Crowds of activists in Cairo are cracking down on dudes who harass women on the street.

Well, That Was Close: Israel may have very well planned to attack Iran in 2010.

Are GMOs Actually Worth Fighting? California is voting today on a measure that would mandate labeling of GMO foods, but many say fear of genetically modified foods isn't based on science.

"I'm an Idiot: A person in Ohio who drove on the sidewalk to get around a school bus is forced to wear a sign proclaiming their stupidity at a local intersection.

Faking Orgasm is Real: A large study by Indiana University found a 20 percent gap between men and women on the question of whether the woman orgasmed during their last time having sex. Says the researcher: "This shows this is one area that the sexes can do a better job of — communicating.”

Can Government Police the Internet? As legislators try to make the internet cleaner and safer for kids, technology and media companies push back.

Hack Attack: An "international hacker" stole 3.6 million Social Security numbers by cracking the South Carolina state tax database.

Women! They Be Voting! Today marks the 100th anniversary of women suffrage in Oregon—this extensive OPB article about the impact of women voting in 1912 is really interesting.

Get Your Ballot In! For you slackers who didn't mail in your ballot, here's a list of ballot drop sites in Oregon and our 2012 election endorsements to help you fill out your ballot.

ELECTION NIGHT IN PORTLAND! We'll be blogging from all the parties tonight here on Blogtown, so tune in starting at 7pm for dispatches from all the absurdity. Meanwhile, watch the results roll in at our free election party over at the Doug Fir!