Aaron Swartz, co-developer of RSS and Reddit, committed suicide. He was facing trial for making subscription-based academic journal articles freely available. Although he was public about his depression, the possible 30 year sentence is widely cited as the reason for his death, if you can even attribute a reason to something this terrible. He was 26 years old.

France is investigating why three Kurdish women were executed in Paris this week. Over 15,000 people took to the streets to demand justice. One of the women was the founder of a Kurdish freedom group which has been battling with the Turkish government for more than 30 years. Some think that the assassinations were meant to derail peace talks.

Trial begins for Mohamed Mohamud, suspect in Pioneer Square bombing plot generated and foiled in FBI sting. Defense claims entrapment, defense attorney Steve Sady "The FBI cannot create the very crime they intend to stop." Which you think would be common sense but unfortunately our justice system sees no error in FBI logic. An FBI agent wrote in an email that Mohamud "was an (easily manipulated), impressionable kid."

A dying woman offers lessons in palliative care and compassion. Martha Keochareon was given less than two years to live after she was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer, she survived for six more years before she offered her body to medical students wanting to learn to care for hospice patients.

President Obama announces more cabinet appointments, distinctly male and white as many have pointed out. Markets not that excited about appointment of former budget director and White House chief of staff Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary.

Are you wondering why you can't hold down a serious long-term relationship? It's because Portland women are too smart. That's right. Atlantic Magazines Jordan Weissmann notes that Portland has 33% more women under 35 that have a bachelor's degree than men, behind New York, Miami, and Detroit, which has a whopping 71% educated gender disparity. Don't feel bad though, I personally don't equate education level with long-term relationship material, and I can't be the only educated female in Portland who feels that way.

But don't worry, if you're still single by 2068 the Earth will likely have been struck by the same asteroid we were worried about hitting in 2029 and 2036. The 2036 impact possibility still exists, although the threat has been downgraded, and the 2068 impact possibility is now elevated to a level that exceeds the 2036 impact. For a concise list of known-potential-Earth-crushers or as NASA calls them, "Near Earth Objects" go here.

What is that you say? I can't understand you through your excessive dry-coughing and fever-induced delirium. Oh you have the flu. Other symptoms include things I don't want to type. Don't inadvertently cause the death an old person or a kid, get a flu shot, find more information about the vaccine here.

In the meantime here are some dolphins for you.