Yesterday my 4 y/o son and I ate lunch in New Seasons. While we were eating, we left our cart in the designated area, along with our stickers to pay for our hot bar food and my son's hat in the bottom of the cart. We finish our food and clean our area, go to grab our cart cart. I was a bit upset that someone would take a cart that wasn't theirs but whatever. I tell an employee and he announces the lost hat over the intercom, asking customers to look in the bottom of their carts for it. Right then, another employee rushes over to tell us she found the hat in the trash can! WTF! Some jerk threw away all the things in the cart, including a hat that obviously belonged to a child. :( Sad day. The employees were awesome in dealing with this situation, which is why that is my favorite place to shop. I am still flabbergasted that someone would do that in New Seasons! I wish I had looked at the surveillance footage to see what the asshole looked like. THANKS ASSHOLE JERK. You nearly ruined a sweet little boy's day. :(