Well, I guess I am one. You: jaded old punker guy trying to start shit with me and my bros at the bside because of my fucking carabiner? See, there isn't any room in my skinny jeans for all those keys.
And some old pock marked rocker guy yelled out "fucking hipsters" as me and my other bro were crossing the street in front of his car by the Doug Fir last weekend. The hell? I don't yell at you normals!?
Also, the ear plugs. I got them THREE years ago so I could look different, I'm NO POSER!. I'm an alternative type, always been, so I'm always on the look out for something that will make me y'know, stand out.

I got one sleeve done and a neck tat but THAT was also three years ago!

So. I sit here, with my bike messenger hat and cut off jeans that are rolled up to just below my knees, wondering.
Wondering why all you hate on us so much?

I know it's intimidating to see wild youth looking as we want, but what's with all the hate man?