To the insanely attractive woman outside the Pearl Safeway demanding the Street Roots guy give you back your money if wouldn't say "thank you", may I say thank YOU! That was one of the sleaziest, gross, embarrassingly sad spectacles I've ever witnessed, and I've seen some sad shit in my day.

The way you tried to enforce your dominance over that little guy with his street roots papers was so sickening and truly pathetic. As a small crowd gathered and we began to tell you to get lost, you seemed to realize how excruciatingly gross your behavior was before you speed walked away in a huff.

It's clear you had other shit on your mind this evening and it manifested with this weird demand that the bum heap thanks on you for giving him some change, but wow that small of you. I'm still replaying it in my mind and cringing. I wonder if you feel bad in hindsight, or if you're off drinking overpriced martinis with your brethren and telling them how some bum "stole your money" today then a bunch of "Creepy Guys" started harassing you. Pearl women.. not even once.