I love pinball. So, when I went out with a friend to one of my favorite bars, I was stoked to see AC/DC for $0.50 a play, 5/$2. Being a newer pin, most places it's $0.75, 3/$2. We settled in, ordered drinks, and decided on food while you were playing.

Imagine my horror, after I placed our food order, when my friend told me how you drained your last ball, turned off the machine before it registered, spun around, pulled down your pants, and ripped a juicy one. She said from the sound of it, she was sure there was fecal splatter. At which point you turned the machine back on, and continued to hurl obscenities at it, before walking away,

Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with you? I admit I've drained a ball or two where I've given the machine the bird and hurled obscenities that would make a sailor blush, but really... dropping your trousers and farting on the machine? Now you've got me wondering if I need to go all Howard Hughes and carry around a pack of disinfectant wipes.

I hope you're gang raped by a bunch of demons with STD ridden, flaming, cacti for dicks. Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh, but whatever karmic retribution the universe has in store for you, I hope it finds you soon. I do find it ironic that you were wearing a baseball cap with the word Scum on it.

Can't resist the temptation to call it a dirty deed (done). So, fuck you, ass-wipe, something I hope you practice, and try thinking about others before you, literally, let the shit fly.