It's that time of year again. A time when we sit back in our comfy socks and cozy sweaters, hopefully warm and dry with a glass of something that lifts our spirits, and reflect on the year past. This year presents us with a unique opportunity, however: The apocalypse!

The Mayan people considered the number 13 to be significant and this December on the 21st, the 13th Baktun (a 394-year period) comes to an end. Plenty of Portlanders are planning to ring in the end of the world in proper style.

• Get things started the right night before at the End of the World Dance Party at Jones, 107 NW Couch Street, 7 PM

• Waste the last day of your life with "The Big Lebowski" at the Clinton Street Theater. Make it a double feature and catch "2012: Mayan Prophecies" at OMSI's planetarium, which investigates the "scientific" realities behind the many ideas surrounding the date December 21, 2012. It's "science."

• Of course, there are not one but TWO end-of-the-world bike rides, one for people who favor freaky homemade bicycles and one for those of you with motorcycles.

• Chef Patrick Lee Warner put together “Seven Courses to Oblivion.” For $100 (not including wine) you are treated to fine dining and classical guitar. Dinner is served at 7:30 sharp at Scratch Foods in Lake Oswego, which is clearly the epicenter of the apocalypse.

• After your last meal of your life, dance the night away at CC Slaughters (219 NW Davis), the Fez (1035 SW Stark), or Rotture (315 SE 3rd), who are all hosting end-of-the-world DJ sets.

• Or, you know, just go see The Nutcracker, which will likely be performed by surviving humans until the sun itself explodes.