So I met you on OK, Cupid. We made a coffee date, to which you were late. We hang out and seem to have an ok time but I'm not really feeling a connection. So I walk you as far as I am going in your direction and you give me a hug and say "call me". I say I will because I didn't want to hurt your feelings but I probably should have been honest. So I didn't call you but we comment on the old instagram photos for awhile. Its fun, maybe we can be friends. So you text me one night after my Uncle dies and ask why I never called you. This seems odd to me but I answer you citing that I had been busy and not very social. You then proceed to tell me that its no big deal and that you have been dating other guys anyway and have moved on. Clearly if you felt the need to tell me this you have not really moved on. The moment you angered me is when you gave me unsolicited dating advice. You say to me "When a girl asks you to call her she wants you to ask her out". I'm a man in my thirties. I know this. So your whole point was to text me and tell me you had moved on and that I needn't call you. Obviously your feelings were hurt by the rejection, but lashing out at the guy who didn't call you is what a child does. So I tell you my Uncle just died and close with a guilt inducing apology for not calling you but that I'm clearly not doing great after losing my uncle and that I wish you the best of luck on your dates. Smiling; I call the girl I'm actually seeing and we laughed at you. <3