Are you the cast of The Real World? You have to be. You are the lamest people I've ever heard have a meeting at a coffee house. By constantly referring to your absent male friend(?) as "that little bitch" and warning your female friends to "be safe on the mean streets of Alberta" you have 100% convinced me you are the Portland cast of The Real World.
"What do you want to do about the bus?"
"Let's buy the beer at Costco, not Walmart. That place's not right."
"Just tell him that if he wants to hang out with us he has to tell us soon."
"She's really needy, emotional. She's got some things."

Now that you're talking about a Yurt, I'll enter a second hypothesis. You are either the Real World cast or you are going to Burning Man. In any event, all your voices are unforgivably shrill. Please consider curtailing your overuse of "Dude" and "Bitch" and I will attempt to do a better job at remembering headphones the next time I come here. Compromise, you little bitches.