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Originally published August 2, 2007:

I'm a 27-year-old lesbian, and my girlfriend of two years broke up with me. When I moved out, I left the sex toys I knew were hers and took the rest. The first night she was back after I left, she texted me to ask for specific toys back!

What should the etiquette be around sex toys when two women break up, especially when strong feelings are involved?

Babe In Toyless Land

My response after the jump...

Have two women ever broken up without strong feelings being involved?

The etiquette around the division of sex toys after a breakup is the same that applies to the division of any property post-breakup, BITL. The splitting couple has a tense discussion about divvying up their shared property; if an agreement can't be reached, they sue the shit out of each other. It would be foolish to sue an ex over a dusty collection of strap-ons and vibrators, of course, but exes have taken each other to court over dumber shit—custody of dogs, cats, kids, etc.