Yes, TODAY (or Saturday Dec.1st, in case this gets published late) is my birthday. Yes, I'm probably the most hated person in I,A. Yes, i'm certain some of that is racial-related. Every one of my posts get 20 - 30 'dislikes', and I think that's bullshit. Even the ones where I give really sound impartial advice get dozens of dislikes. WTF, people?! YOU'RE the ones who started this, less yall forget. Nonetheless, I am kind and am willing to forgive. I've probably accumulated thousands of dis's since the Merc. introduced this infernal system months ago. So guess what? YOU people own me! For my birthday present, I demand that this submission receives many MANY likes! It's not as if I've got my hand out, just alot of well-deserved likes is all I ask. If YOU people can't even give me that... then you really do suck! Thank you in advance for those who like. For those who don't - blow me, you freakin' jerk-offs.