You fucking fuckers. First it was your grease recycling company or whatever the fuck draining your bins at midnight. And then just you being a general pain in the ass. Your employees tossing cigarette butts whereever, talking loudly late at night.

But this last one? Fuck you. You told the company you use to clean your grease traps to come, and I quote, "between 4-5 in the morning."

Even though you don't open until 4:00 in the afternoon.

Fucking classy you douchebags. You're damned right I chewed him out and got him to stop. And you're also right I filed a complaint with the city. Here's the thing. Other businesses actually started cooperating with the local residents about this kind of stuff, with no argument. And there is absolutely no goddamned excuse for you scheduling this for when you did. Especially after we contacted you, without involving the city, on the first incident.

Watch your ass you overpriced dickbags. Because any, and I mean any, infraction that violates city regulations will get reported to the correct body. That includes 'loud voices' which go to the OLCC. We tried being nice. That didn't work. Now we go the other way.