To the wombles that go through my trash and recycling.

I don't care about my .05 bottle deposit. That's why I drop my bottles into the recycling. I know you do. I feel it's a fair trade off.

Now, I'll admit it's fucking annoying you go through my garbage. As it is I'm pretty paranoid about things like credit card statements and sadly, not everyone does paperless billing.

So I started leaving the stuff with a bottle deposit in a little bag next to the recycling bin. Less rooting for you, less noise and paranoia for me, win win right?

Except I guess I didn't put the right kind of bottle in a few times. So instead of dropping them back in the recycling bin, you dropped them a good 3 feet away. What the fuck is wrong with you? I get that you're homeless. My heart goes out to you. But come the fuck on. Pretend to act better than every other pleb out there and drop the bottles into the recycling bin that's RIGHT THERE.

If this happens again, I'm going to go back and get my .50 from Fred Meyer. Asshole.