We're truly interested in killing ourselves - that's the only conclusion I can draw from the increasing number of aggressive, dangerous drivers out there. Every study I've ever read concurs with what I see out there every day: when we get behind the wheel the people out there become less real to us. And there is a huge disconnect between how expertly and safely we think we're driving and how we actually drive. I see it happening to me too - I'm no different. It's also a progressive thing - the more you dehumanize people, the easier and more often it is to do it. If I were to die because I and/or someone else just had to try and shave another five seconds off their drivetime it would be the most pathetic, stupid, meaningless way to go that I could possibly imagine. And if I were to accidentally kill somebody while trying to shave those seconds I'd be robbing someone of their life, taking someone away from their loved ones, and leaving me with a weight I'd carry with me for the rest of my life. Check out the numbers sometime - people die for just that reason in the thousands every year, in this country alone. You're 2.5 times more likely to die in a car wreck than you are to be murdered.