To the idiots at the downtown pizza place who refused service to my hungry 5 year old: When I asked to have a slice of cheese pizza from the pie freshly pulled from the oven, instead of the crusty, obviously ready for the compost heap, single slice of cheese pizza left on the counter, I was informed that it was against your policy. According to your company, you were required to sell the "old" piece before you could serve the fresh pizza. It floored me! Never mind health department regulations on food handling and holding for service! "It wouldn't be fair to the other customers" and "if we did that for you, then everyone would want fresh slices and we would never be able to sell the old ones" were two excuses that the MANAGER gave when asked why on earth she refused to sell the fresh one. I have been in the restaurant industry for 17 years, and have been faithfully patronizing this "local" chain since I moved to Portland 7 years ago. This is the absolute worst customer service experience I have ever had in any of the 5 major metropolitan areas I have lived and worked in throughout my career. Congrats, downtown pizza idiots! You are the worst in the world! "I'm going back to New York City, I do believe I've had enough. "