You (semi hot brunette, office slavedriver attire) and I arrived at the little creamer and sugar table at the same time. As usual the barista failed to comprehend my request of 'room for cream' so I poured about half an inch into the trash hole on the counter, which elicited a dramatic "Really???" from you. At that same moment my innards had a 'glug glug glug' moment and a huge fart had mounted itself on the tip of my butt. I threw my stirrer away, turned away, anus directly aimed right at you and let loose the most legendary fart of my career as I began walking toward the door. I turned back at the door and the look on your face? Priceless. Next time show some fucking respect while at the creamer kiosk.. it was 9am for fucks sake. I don't work in whatever lame call center you manage and I eat Mexican food almost daily.. I may look like a burnout but my anus is always armed.