ALTHOUGH THE PERFORMANCE SPACE is decidedly small (not much bigger than a living room, and that includes the 30 or so seats for audience members), the Re-Theatre Instrument's current production Teeth of the Sons offers a dramatic experience that is anything but. Focusing on two brothers reconnecting after a long absence, the play delves into issues of faith, morality, and family, and thoroughly engages the audience all the while.

The show's playwright, Joseph Sousa, also stars as Jacob Giorgio, a young man in Brooklyn who has recently become devoted to the Jewish religion of his mother's family. When his older brother, the irresponsible atheist Sam (played by a convincing Will Allen), comes asking for a place to stay, the brothers attempt to reconcile their differences, religious and otherwise. What makes the play compelling, besides deft performances from both men, is that it captures the characters' complexity as they face their own ethical dilemmas. Jacob's seemingly earnest devotion and moral staunchness come into question when he encounters an old flame; similarly, we see a glimpse of Sam's kindness and concern shine through an apathetic and slovenly exterior. The women of the play—Meredith Ott as Sam's pregnant girlfriend and Jamie Rea as Jacob's one-time lover—both deliver solid performances, though the play's finest moments belong to Sousa and Allen.

With touches of humor, a lot of feeling, and some serious soul searching, the play is certainly worthwhile; a fine effort from director Jason Zimbler.