LAST WEEKEND'S Emerald City Comicon in Seattle featured more than a few announcements from Portland-based comics creators and publishers.

Dark Horse Comics will publish the print edition of Erika Moen and Jeff Parker's web series Bucko (, which the creators describe as a "dick and fart joke murder mystery." The story itself is 102 pages, and Dark Horse's print edition will have more than 30 pages of bonus material.

Local publisher Oni Press managed to make their big panel non-boring by hosting it as if it were a late-night talk show. Oni marketing guru Cory Casoni hosted, did a monologue, and Delta!Bravo played the role of house band. Starting in August, Oni will take over publishing print editions of Penny Arcade, the world's most popular webcomic. Oni also announced that its hit comic Scott Pilgrim will be re-released in new 6" x 9" color editions starting on August 8.

There was also plenty of news from local creators: Shannon Wheeler of Too Much Coffee Man is doing a series of villain-oriented Dark Horse Presents stories; Natalie Nourigat (who recently published her autobiographical comic Between Gears) has two projects in the works; and local cartoonists Ron Chan and Shane Conway debuted the print edition of their comic Roy's Boys ( A sign on Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett's booth gleefully proclaimed that their steam-punk Victorian-robot history Boilerplate is being adapted into a movie by J.J. Abrams. When asked about it, Guinan said, "I have every confidence that the Boilerplate movie will not suck."