TWILLERAMA Nice shirt.

IF YOU'RE CURIOUS what a retirement home for penises might look like, you're in luck. If you're curious what a penis doing a push-up looks like, you're also in luck. (You are so lucky!) Give thanks to Twillerama, a touring program of animated shorts. It includes a number of dick-related shorts, along with a few other shorts that aren't dick-related. Two hand-drawn douchebags—house painter Jeff Twiller and construction worker Randy Johnson—"host" the festival from a city dump, introducing each short while saying dumb stuff like, "Pussy is pussy, brother," and wearing shirts that read, "My other ride is your mom."

The duo is part of a web series called The Twiller Zone, created by New York-based animator Morgan Miller, and they're intentionally stupid and gross—a crack at the general stuffiness of the film festival circuit. The films they introduce in Twillerama are pretty gritty and experimental; a lot of them deal with issues of sexuality and gender. Some are better known than others: There's 1998's The Date, a short from Portland's own Bill Plympton, done in his signature sketchy style; it's a minute-long POV shot from inside a woman's mouth. (It ends with a blowjob.) For more penises, see George Griffin's The Club (1975), which features the aforementioned penis push-ups.

Genitals aside, a couple of the newer shorts toward the end of Twillerama are really sweet: In Celia Bullwinkel's Sidewalk (2013), we watch a young woman walk down the street and gradually age, going through the various phases of growing up. Mountain Ash (2013), a lovely piece by Jake Armstrong and Erin Kilkenny, is a ghost story about a lumberjack, a fox, and some field mice who die and end up sharing a fireplace together. These were great—even though a lot of the shorts and narration for Twillerama are very dude-ish, it's outliers like these that make the hour-long program worth viewing.