Columbia River Crossing Bridge—The bigwigs who still think improving transportation means building fatter freeways are hoping to throw $4.2 billion into turning the current I-5 bridge to Vancouver into a 12-lane behemoth. Join environmentalists and smart-growth experts who are saying WTF to the CRC. Comrades: Coalition for a Livable Future at; Smarter Bridge at

Treatment of homeless—Until just a few months ago, police and hired private security cops shuffled along homeless folks who tried to engage in the illegal act of sitting on sidewalks. After years of fighting, that sit-lie law was finally declared unconstitutional—but the city is still shamefully slow in providing affordable housing and addiction treatment programs. Comrades: Sisters of the Road at; Street Roots at

Richie Rich ballot measures—Not a year goes by that some moneyed dipshit doesn't try to screw over Oregon's budget with a destructive ballot measure. Usually it's convicted fraudster Bill Sizemore trying to undermine taxes and unions, but this November an anti-tax group is hoping to repeal the new taxes our legislature levied on corporations in order to save public service and school budgets. Comrade: Defend Oregon at