Blue Monk

3341 SE Belmont, 595-0575

For a jazz club, the Blue Monk has the ambiance of a breakfast joint, with its standard wooden chairs and teal vinyl booths. So why then, not take advantage of their Sunday breakfast hours? At the Monk's Sunday jazz brunch, a lone guitar player filters pleasant music into the restaurant. Meanwhile, you enjoy frittatas, eggs benedict, stuffed French toast, or a tofu scramble. The food items are well executed and greaseless (if a bit over-priced), and notably, their hollandaise has a wonderful lemon flavor and is garnished with cilantro. Try one of their mimosas if you're feeling boisterous or hungover, or read the paper over a cup of Stumptown coffee until they close at 3. The environment is entirely relaxing and--at least recently--not at all crowded, so you might as well stay a while. KS

La Bonita

2839 NE Alberta, 281-3662

Oh Bonita, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 1)Your Vegan Tamales, so wet and hot. Filled with yummy peppers and doused in your amazing salsa verdeÉ que lastima! 2)Your Fish TacosÉ so cruchy and delish, with ample cabbage and creamy, spicy sauce. At lunch you're a steal with beans, rice and guacamole for only $6.95. 3) Your pork quesadilla, a guilty pleasure loaded with smoky meat. 4)Your staff of smiling facesÉ greeting me with waves and "hola." YesÉ I'll have a Grapefruit Jarritos with that. Yes, please, chips and pico de gallo for only a $1 more. Bonita, you are like a great lover, only better. BB

Poor Richard's

3907 NE Broadway, 288-5285

Where can you get two steaks, a salad, and for $16? Poor Richard's, that's where. A timeless old-people hang out, this neighborhood steak place serves two six-ounce top sirloins, baked potatoes, salad, garlic bread, plus a little dish of soft-serve ice cream for $15.95. The food is far more function than fashion (thus the two-fer pricing), and this isn't a place to take a date if you're trying to show her how cultured or wealthy you are. I'd recommend sitting in the bar because that's where the action is. KS