Slow Bar
533 SE Grand, 230-7767

Is it just me, or have you been praying for a new, fun, awesome bar to open up in Portland? Well the Lord has heard our prayers. Slow Bar is a new, hip, beautiful lounge that's taken over the old Caswell's spot, serving liquor drinks and food that will draw you back again and again. Their chef used to work for several of Portland's most reputable restaurants (Higgin's, Paley's, Tabla) and their bartending owners have been serving drinks around town forever. Slow Bar's most notable qualities? Huge booths that fit six, a jukebox that will make you piss yourself with joy, and a burger that will have you jizzing in your trousers. KS

Cricket Café

3159 SE Belmont, 235-9348

Despite some disarray in the dining room, the Crick delivered a lip-smackin', affordable breakfast. Their French toast won me over with its signature succulence; it came dusted with powdered sugar and accompanied by a heart-breakingly sweet, seasonal strawberry jam. My friend ordered the veggie skillet, a solid scramble of seasonal vegetables and multiple cheeses. The scramble was well-balanced, peppered with light spices, and relatively cheap. Unfortunately, the Crick could've performed better in the coffee refill department--you gotta fill those cups if you want to distract your customers from the fact that they're not eating yet. EJ

La Bonita

2839 NE Alberta, 281-3662

Oh Bonita, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.1) Your Vegan Tamales, so wet and hot. Filled with yummy peppers and doused in your amazing salsa vedreÉ que lastima! 2) Your Fish TacosÉ so cruchy and delish, with ample cabbage and creamy, spicy sauce. At lunch you're a steal with beans, rice and guacamole for only $6.95. 3) Your pork quesadilla, a guilty pleasure loaded with smoky meat. 4)Your staff of smiling facesÉ greeting me with waves and "hola". YesÉ I'll have a Grapefruit Jarritos with that. Bonita, you are like a great lover, only better. MLS