Emily Ryan, 30: A gifted clothing designer herself (Emily Ryan) and retail salesperson at Halo Shoes, Emily describes her style as "modern, minimal, feminine, comfortable, layered, and cozy." Her influences are pulled from magazines like Zink and W, designers like Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, local Adam Arnold, and John Galliano, plus PDX boutiques such as Una, Seaplane, and Odessa.

On Emily: Dress by Kathryn Towers and Cydwoq boots, Emily's own. On dress form: Dress by Frocky Jack Morgan, provided by Seaplane.

On Emily: Emily Ryan jumper and tank, Emily's own; Nikita Clothing pants, provided by Local.35; Eileen Shields shoes, provided by Olive. On mannequin: Emily Ryan coat and hooded dress, Emily's own. Stacked denim, from top: Earnest Sewn from Una, Odyn from Local.35, Earnest Sewn from Blake, Levi's (photographer's own), vintage from Lady Luck Vintage (sold as three-piece suit), and Notify, Emily's own.