The Community Seafood Initiative, Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center, and Oregon fishers have combined forces to create Pacific Fish Trax, a system that allows seafood consumers to truly get in touch with their fish.

Under the system, shoppers select, say, an albacore tuna fillet from a freezer attached to a computerized kiosk. Scanning the barcode on the package pulls up a wealth of information about the particular fish, including video of the person who landed it, the health of the fish, and, eventually, the river of origin.

Consumers can then take that information to the Fish Trax website (, where they will be able to access even more information about the fish, including at what depth it was caught, its temperature history, and sea conditions at the time of catch. The pilot project begins at select New Seasons stores—Cedar Hills (3495 Cedar Hills, Beaverton) and Arbor Lodge (6400 N Interstate)—on Friday, February 20, from noon to 5 pm.