Party Poopers

Shortly after appearing in these pages alongside his awesome recipe for pork butt sliders, Chef Randal St. Clair has been let go from the new-ish Pearl District eatery 50 Plates, where he worked as the executive chef. St. Clair told the Mercury he was as surprised as anyone to hear the news, having been integral in creating the buzz-worthy menu and many of the recipes for the American-style bistro. Still, St. Clair suggests he is looking toward the future, and we wish him the best. As for 50 Plates, is this a sign of trouble? We'll keep an eye on it.

Rogues and Dragons

The Green Dragon Bistro and Brewpub fell into the hands of Rogue after majority owner Ed Schwartz cut a deal to annex the rakish Southeast Portland pub to the Rogue Nation. According to comments posted on the Mercury's Blogtown, most of the employees have bailed out, not wanting to work for "the man," as it were. Minority owner Lorren "Lolo" Lancaster put up stiff opposition when he heard about the proposed plan but failed to keep the pub out of Rogue's hands. He now has a plan to open a new Southeast pub to be named Civil Disobedience. This could lead to one hell of a softball game.