Band: Frank Furter and the Hot Dogs; a one-dog Delta blues band consisting of guitar, harmonica, bass drum, and high hat. Songs include, "You Make Me Feel Like a Corndog," "Hot Dog Walkin' Like a Man," and "Baby, I've Got 12 Inches (I'm Your Foot-Long Dog)." Can be seen crashing parties, playing at the Lloyd Center Food Court, and at his domicile (The Dog House) on first Fridays from noon to two.

Description of Crib: An A-Frame hot dog stand called The Dog House, located at 2845 Burnside. Amenities include a variety of hot dog products, including long wiener dogs, smoky joes, veggie, sausage, and Polish. "But there ain't no frankfurter on the menu, man, 'cuz I'm the one that got away!"

Length of Residency in Crib: "Man, I was born here! About six months ago. Right in the fire. Poink! Hopped right out and turned into a man!"

Favorite item in the Crib: "The Super Sausage. Of course, I like my dogs... well-done. I like 'em black, with the bubbles on the side of that dog... Mmm! Mmm! MMMM!!"

Influences: "Hazel Atkins and Big Joe Williams. Hazel Atkins got this song that goes like, 'I cut off yo' head and hang it on the wall! You ain't gonna eat no mo' HOT DOGS!' He was my inspiration."

Records on the turntable: "Mississippi Fred McDowell and Iggy Pop! He's got that song, 'I Wanna Be Your Dog!'"

What's in the medicine cabinet: "Ketchup... Mustard... Sour Kraut... and if you're really special? Sautéed bell peppers."

Favorite place to chill in the Crib: "In the fire! Aww, yeah! One day I was in the fire, and my baby says to me, 'Frank Furter, you ready yet?' and I say, 'Oh, no, baby...put me on there a little bit mo'. Why you in such a hurry?' Then she say, 'Frank Furter, c'mon baby! Aren't you ready yet?' and I say, 'Aww no, baby, just a little bit mo'. You know how I like it... weeeeeeell done!' The other night I come home late, and my baby she looked all worked up, and I say 'Baby, you been cheatin' on me?' and she say, 'Oh, no, Frank Furter. I'm yours and yours only.' And I say, 'But baby! You look almost well done!' So I went into the bedroom, and you know what I saw on the floor? A condiment. 'Baby! You make me feel like a... corn... dog sometimes!' That's all right, though. I may be underdog now, but one day I'm gonna be TOP DOG!"