Trading Card Series

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WHAT ARE THEY? An "aneurysm" is a weak spot in a blood vessel that causes it to swell like a balloon and burst. It is an evolutionary relic from the days when humans, like horned toads, could defensively spurt blood from the corners of their eyes. The holes have since sealed up, but for some unlucky souls their circulatory system keeps right on trying to ward off danger, subsequently filling their entire brainpan with viscous blood.
ANEURYSM PROS: In theory, if pinholes were deftly poked in the eye corners, the resulting blood fountains might still unnerve attackers. Aneurysms are also a good excuse to take a day off from work.
ANEURYSM CONS: Aneurysms probably mean a trip to the hospital, and are often confused with a struggling metal band based in Denmark.
CONCLUSION: Aneurysms are one of the "Dangers of Our Modern World!"


WHAT ARE THEY? "Falafel" originally consisted of ground spiced chick peas and fava beans shaped into balls and fried. By 1911, however, chick peas had been harvested to extinction, and the falafel industry found a substitute in Alexandrium tamarense, an algae species known to marine biologists as a primary cause of "red tide."Pulled from heavily toxic, fish-killing seas, an average 8-oz serving of falafel still contains enough neurotoxins to stop most primates in their tracks.
FALAFEL PROS: Carried between the legs, falafel is a natural cooling agent and salve that reduces the swelling of encephalitis. It was also valuable to the Cherokee Indians as a potent laxative and sexual lubricant.
FALAFEL CONS: One out of every four falafel is fatally poisonous. Symptoms (in order of appearance) include alcoholism, gills, inflamed goiter, lazy eye, inappropriate enthusiasm, the inability to spell "aneurysm," and finally death.
CONCLUSION: Falafel is one of the "Dangers of Our Modern World!"