Illustration by Kalah Allen

Having coordinated the (temporary) rescue of yet another cat, I am begging you not to get a kitten unless you are planning on a lifetime commitment (and hopefully the cat lasts longer than you). When you get an apartment and you get a kitten and then you have to do your hipster move or whatever, and the new place doesn't take cats, or your roommates don't like cats, or you don't like the cat because it is no longer a cute little fur ball, who the fuck do you think gets it? Oregon Humane Society, the Pixie Project, the Oregon Cat Project, etc. But they don't right now because they have no goddamn fucking room, you fucking piece of horseshit. So it comes down to some really dedicated folks who spend their time, money, and resources to make sure that cat does not end up on the street or get gassed. Think before you get a pet. Just please, for once in your life, bestir that damaged brainstem AND THINK. And if you can't do that, give the aforementioned charities plus the Feral Cat Coalition some of the money you were planning on spending on that fucking tat.—Anonymous