Illustration by Kalah Allen

Just like any night, I worked out at my gym and then swam for an hour. When I was finished, I opened my locker, set my wet swim cap and goggles on the bench, and walked into the bathroom stall, a few feet away, to change. No more than three minutes later, I came back to find my cap and goggles missing. I went to the front desk, where I was assured no one had turned them in. Someone stole my swim things! WHY? My mother died a few months ago, and I've turned to the gym as a stress reliever. I have focused all my pain, anger, and sadness into working out, and even more so, swimming. I purchased that swim cap and goggles with some of the money I got from my mother's life insurance settlement. I swim EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I swim because it helps me sleep, when I otherwise might stay awake worrying or crying. Now that you know what you've stolen and who you've stolen from, I hope you feel terrible. I hope you feel how I feel. If I see you in my baby blue goggles and pink breast cancer swim cap, I will rip them off your head. The gym has given me not only the confidence, but the muscles, to stand up for myself, bitch.—Anonymous