Illustration by Kalah Allen

Mom! Stop commenting on every Facebook post I put up! I'm glad you've moved into the digital age and found old classmates online, but Facebook used to be this virtual place where I could virtually interact with my friends. How would you like it if your mom started butting in while you were hanging out with your friends? You wouldn't like it, and that's what you're doing! When I post some inside joke that you don't get, you don't need to respond with question marks! It just makes you look clueless and ruins the fun for everyone! And you definitely don't need to respond with embarrassing stories about me from 15 years ago. That ruins fun! I'm already letting you in on much more of my life than I would normally share with you by posting things I know you'll see... Just sit back and enjoy this view of your child you wouldn't normally get to be a part of. Don't ruin it!!! Ahhhh! You just commented on another post!—Anonymous