Dear construction/road crews working on Grand/MLK Avenues—It sure does seem like you could do all of the work on the right side of the road at one time, and then all of the work on the left. Instead you forced what are normally four lanes of traffic to squeeze through a two-lane bottleneck, and then zigzag back to four lanes only to squeeze back down through another two-lane bottleneck on the opposite side of the road. And now you've gone one better! You shut down the two left lanes only to close the two right lanes just TWO blocks later, and then you shut down the two left lanes a mere four blocks later! Kudos, motherfuckers! However, I won't be truly impressed with your lack of planning until you close down two lanes on the right, then two on the left, then two in the middle, then two on the right, then the two outer lanes, and then the two left lanes. That, my construction/road crew friends, is my challenge to you. Pull that shit off and I'll buy each and every one of you a six-pack of beer. Just don't expect an expedient delivery.—Anonymous