Kalah Allen

Somehow you feel justified in the belief that because I have premarital sex I could not take good care of your baby. It's great to know that you have spent time imagining me being so absorbed in "loud sex" that I can't do my job. That's right. I just fuck all day and night. How you even know that I am sexually active is a mystery to me. As a "Christian," you let me know that your daughter wouldn't want to be around a sinner like me. You said if she could speak for herself, she would express this—because she was raised a Christian. Allow me to speculate: If your daughter could speak for herself, I have a feeling she would tell you to fuck off. Because you scared away the only person who has bothered to love her for the past year. Because you don't spend any time with her. I hope you come across this when you are secretly, ashamedly flipping through the escort section, judging all the sinners you want to screw. Maybe you can summon your buddy Jesus to swoop down and slime me with his wrath. You are not a Christian. You are a bigot. An intolerable, aggressive, judgmental, ignorant bigot. Asshole.—Anonymous