Jeremy Eaton

Okay, guys! There's obviously a HUGE problem with the way your company or organization is doing its annual Secret Santa gift exchange—because it BLOWS. Seriously, do you think I have time for this? Do you think I have time to go around solving the world's Secret Santa problems? WELL, I DON'T. So I'm devoting this column to informing you of the RIGHT—or as it's better known, the ONLY—way to properly do a Secret Santa gift exchange.

(By the way, if you're thinking about sending me a mean email telling me this column has nothing to do with TV and I should be fired for being such a useless hack, I hereby invite you to EAT ME, because Thursday's episodes of The Office and 30 Rock both have a Secret Santa theme, and their Secret Santa exchanges blow, too. So... EAT ME.)

Okay, here's the way a normal Secret Santa exchange plays out: You write down everybody's name! You throw 'em in a hat! Everybody picks a name! They buy that person a present! They wrap the present, without signing their name! At the Secret Santa giveaway, everybody unwraps their present and tries to guess who gave it to them! When they can't, the giver confesses! Then everybody laughs! Though they're secretly crying inside! Because they really hate their life! And their job! And especially this miserable excuse for a Secret Santa, which BLOOOOOOOWS!

Conversely, here's how an awesome Secret Santa exchange goes down: First of all, it's not Secret Santa, it's Secret Sexual Harasser. (See? It's better already.) Everybody's name goes into a hat! Everybody picks a name! Then they take a Polaroid picture of their genitalia! Then they wrap it, without signing their name! Then, at the giveaway, everybody unwraps their pictures and tries to guess whose genitalia belongs to whom! When they can't, the giver confesses, and proves it by comparing the picture to their own genitalia! Then everybody laughs!

And screws.

Okay, so maybe some businesses might be uncomfortable with this version of the game. So how about this one? It's called Secret Satan. Everybody's name goes into a hat! Everybody picks a name! You take that person's name and put it into a metal pot along with a raven's eye, a monkey's paw, and the pubic hair of a virgin. Then you place it inside a pentagram and set it on fire. Say the following incantation: "Malika-tanu! Ishtay-viznok! Calli-ambray fellistino niktu! SAKALA!!" Then on the day of the gift exchange, that person gets hit by a bus. And whoever survives tries to guess which devil worshipper caused it to happen!

And everybody laughs?

Hmmm. Okay, how about this one? Everybody's name goes into a hat! Everybody picks a name! But get this: The boss picks a name and gives that person a BRAND-NEW CAR. Then when the person squeals in glee about getting a new car, the boss brings in a crippled kid and says, "Don't you think you should give the car to this crippled kid?" And if the person says "no," they get fired! And everybody laughs! Because that person was a dick, right?

Hey, that's what Santa would do.