WANDERLUST Pictured above: heart-fluttery Rudd, non-lousy Aniston.

YOU CAN FIGURE OUT the exact plot of Wanderlust by watching a 30-second trailer: Jennifer Aniston and our sparkly-eyed squeal factory Paul Rudd are Linda and George, a Manhattan couple who goes broke, loses their tiny condo, and heads to Atlanta to find work with George's horrible brother, Rick (Ken Marino). En route they stumble upon Elysium, a hippie commune that (SPOILER ALERT, if you're dumb) changes the way they see the world.

Now, you're probably going to want to do what I did when you see Aniston on the poster—i.e., write this movie off because she does NOT make good movies and doesn't need your $9 contribution to her Salty Aging Sorority Girl Pilates Club. (Also because the whole thing looks boring and lame.) But resist that urge, because this movie is, surprisingly, pretty goddamned funny. I was all, "Chuckle chuckle, wait what is happening?"

Even Aniston is funny! I know! With last year's Horrible Bosses and now Wanderlust, Aniston is showing some actual, non-Rachel, comic chops. Her ayahuasca psychedelic trip in Wanderlust delivers legit lulz.

But even better than non-lousy Aniston and heart-fluttery Rudd is one of the funniest supporting casts ever, including Alan Alda, Michaela Watkins, Jordan Peele, and a ton of awesome people from The State. Joe Lo Truglio is especially fantastic as a nudist author. (Male nudity is becoming a cheap trick in comedies, but whatever, wieners are funny.) There is also my new dream guy, Justin Theroux, as Seth, the commune's star hippie. If Rudd is the parent-approved prom date, Theroux is the super cool arty guy you date in college when you start smoking and want to piss off your parents, but your mom actually loves him because he's hot and charming and can talk about books and can probably fix a jukebox by punching it. (Not gonna lie— the fact that Aniston bones him in real life majorly adds to her new coolness.)

Wanderlust isn't gonna go down as a historic comedy. There's some unfunny cheesy shit and some cringe-worthy sexual things that slow the pace. But it's better than we'd expected. I already mentioned all of the funny people, right? And there's all that wang. Oh, AND a special appearance by Ray Liotta's bare ass. Just stop being all Theroux about Aniston and go see it.