Last week started with uncertainty for long-term residents of Reeder Beach RV Park on Sauvie Island. After applying for a permit to expand the park, the county informed park owner Jan Reeder that her residents were violating the county's 30-day stay limit. Rumors of eviction spread quickly through the small but tight-knit community, but Multnomah County Commissioner Deborah Kafoury pledged to work with neighbors, local government, and Reeder residents to make sure no one gets kicked out of their homes. No word yet on precisely what Kafoury's compromise will look like. SEAN BRESLIN


Portland's urban growth boundary should stay put, says a massive new report from Metro. The agency reviews Portland's boundary every few years and in the past three decades has added 28,000 new acres to the city's development limits, a decision critics say promotes sprawl. In its recommendation to not expand growth boundaries this time around, Metro noted that 83 percent of our area's residents support land-use regulations and that there is 33 percent less driving in compact communities than sprawling ones. The region's infrastructure will need $10 billion in repairs over the next decade. SARAH MIRK.