Mary Volm, an outspoken backer of the effort to recall Mayor Sam Adams, appears to be lining up for a run for city council. A Facebook page called "We Love Mary Volm! Volm for City Council 2010!" popped up over the last few days. Its administrators include Volm and former recall spokesman Jasun Wurster. Just Out Editor and Publisher Marty Davis, who called for Adams' resignation over a sex scandal in January is also a member of the so-far 19-strong group, although she did not return the Mercury's inquiries. We called Wurster on his cell phone, asking if Volm is running. "I don't have that information," he said. "You'll have to get that directly from her." We asked: What's her number? "I have to go," said Wurster, hanging up. "Not yet, but likely," said Volm via Facebook, in an answer to the question whether she's running. Volm said she's considering a run for Dan Saltzman's seat ("Seat Three"). Check for all your 2010 election updates. MATT DAVIS


The race between two lefty, pro-bike candidates for the Metro president's seat is heating up. The election isn't until May 2010, but politically similar candidates Rex Burkholder and Bob Stacey are looking for ways to differentiate themselves besides their stance on the new Columbia River Crossing (Rex is for, Bob's against). On Monday, December 7, Burkholder's campaign sent out a press release noting another difference: He's got more money. Burkholder has so far raised $84,114 to Stacey's $71,128, thanks in part to a $10,000 donation from Pearl District developer and former streetcar chief John Carroll. "Oh good, he's finally caught up," says Stacey. "It'll be on the issues that this race is decided." SARAH MIRK.