The black bloc protests are back! Dozens of Portlanders took to the streets in several protests following the police shooting of Jack Dale Collins in March, including protests that broke the window of a Starbucks on East Burnside and blocked traffic with trashcans in the Pearl. But the protests died down until the night of Monday, April 26, when police report that 50 people, many clad in black clothing and bandanas, marched up NE Broadway. The protesters broke another Starbucks window, but also smashed the glass door of a military recruiting office and spread trash around inside. The protest continued on to a Multnomah County corrections building on SE 7th, smashing some windows until police arrived and the protesters dispersed. The cops say they will be "preparing for similar acts throughout the week leading up to May 1." SARAH MIRK

City council is set to debate its next version of the controversial sit-lie ordinance on Thursday, April 29. "They're calling it an emergency ordinance," says Patrick Nolen with homeless advocacy nonprofit Soapbox Under the Bridge. An emergency ordinance only has one reading, instead of two, and is seen as a way to quickly pass controversial laws without a second reading. "But downtown Portland has done fine without a sit-lie law since last September when a judge ruled a very similar law unconstitutional," Nolen continues. "I feel it's kind of disingenuous to say we're having an emergency now." Mayor Sam Adams' office, which has been pushing for the law along with City Commissioner Amanda Fritz, didn't respond to questions about the emergency status by press time. MATT DAVIS