Jack Pollock


Quick, someone tell Governor Ted Kulongoski that he already won his reelection. On Monday, April 9, the governor announced that for the week of April 23-29, he and his wife will only be spending $3 a day each on food—the same amount that is allocated under the food stamp program.

Even better: He's encouraging all Oregonians to participate in the "Food Stamp Challenge." The idea is to help everyone in the state realize how difficult it is for many to make ends meet. It's part of "Hunger Awareness Week"—or as ramen-chomping college students call it, "Splurge Week." SCOTT MOORE


Late last year, when City Commissioner Sam Adams unveiled his plans to turn W Burnside and NW Couch into two one-way streets—a "couplet"—the Catholic Archdiocese threw a fit, claiming the increased traffic on Couch would endanger students at their Cathedral Catholic School on NW 17th.

Politically, the objection of one church/school could outweigh support from numerous local businesses. So it probably came as a sigh of relief last week when the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the nearby Trinity Episcopal Cathedral gave its—albeit tepid—support for the project.

"The Buildings and Grounds Committee agrees with the general concept, and has no major concerns," Junior Warden Allen Denison wrote to city council. "Negative effects on Trinity seem minor, and we may even enjoy some benefits from the project."

Take that, Catholic Archdiocese! SM