This Saturday, December 20, marriage equality activists (this means you!) are gathering at Pioneer Courthouse Square for part two of the post-Prop 8 counter-protest. Following up on a rally in the South Park Blocks on November 15, organizer Lindsey Asher says this weekend's candlelight vigil is meant to mourn the loss of same-sex marriage rights in California. Cities around the country are also slated to host vigils. It'll be cold, so bundle up. Bonus: Asher has convinced Peet's Coffee to supply hot beverages. Bring your own candle, and meet up at 5 pm! AJR


Two new excessive force lawsuits were filed against the Portland Police Bureau on Thursday, December 11, related to Taser use. The first, filed by Hung Minh Tran, relates to an incident covered by the Mercury earlier this year, when a cop allegedly Tasered Tran twice, then lied on the stand about the details in court ["Taser Eraser," News, Sept 4]. Tran is seeking over $100,000 in damages. The second, filed by Christophe Clay against Police Officer John Hughes and the City of Portland, alleges Clay was Tasered twice while he was on his knees with his hands behind his head.

Depositions also recently took place in Michelle Schreiner's December 2007 lawsuit against Gresham police. Schreiner, a diabetic, was Tasered by the cops in Gresham after they were called out to assist her in the middle of a diabetic seizure. She had a needle in her hand full of insulin, and when the cops couldn't get her to drop it, they allegedly Tasered her.

"The outrageous thing in this case is that this was a call for medical assistance and to help, the police whip out a Taser and electrocute her with 50,000 volts. This is just not very helpful," says Schreiner's attorney, Beth Creighton. MD