There's simply nowhere else in town you can see an Argentinean play performed in its original Spanish, and the Miracle Theatre's production of Te Llevo en la Sangre is polished and effective. Mabel (Nelda Reyes) is a crippled seamstress obsessed with the programs she listens to on the radio—Mónica Silver's script takes us into Mabel's home, where she dreamily listens to romance broadcasts, as well as into the studio where, in between performances, voice actors bicker and fall in love. The two worlds intersect when an actor receives a severed foot in the mail—meanwhile, striking workers storm the streets, and the threat of a new medium, television, flickers on the periphery. English language superscripts make it easy enough for non-Spanish speakers to follow along, as the line between fantasy and reality wavers and then disappears completely.

The layered script weaves together political strife, tawdry romance, and a chillingly brutal murder; the resulting show has enjoyably flashy elements of melodrama, but is ultimately firmly rooted in reality, for a more complex diversion than is initially apparent.