RE: "An Offer They Couldn't Refuse" [News, Feb 12], regarding Pearl District developers' plan to give homeless rest area Right 2 Dream Too money to relocate, as well as to buy the lot once designated as a possible alternative.

If they're going to spend $850,000, why not buy a building or build a shelter? If we can get people off the streets, someplace warm and safe, that should be the goal. There shouldn't be talk of another "camp" when that much money is involved.

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I'm sorry, but something stinks about this deal. Public trough leeches like Homer Williams and Dike Dame don't just give away $850,000, and allowing them to purchase Lot 7 for a measly $142,000 has me skeptical as well. I wouldn't doubt if [Mayor Charlie] Hales has made some sort of backroom deal and has promised these guys a subsidy or tax break on their next development project, where in reality it's the public paying for this in the end. There's got to be more to this story. I call bullshit.

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RE: "MusicfestNW Confirms Changes for 2014 Festival" [Blogtown, Feb 12], regarding the severe downsizing of what has been Portland's biggest music festival.

If Cake or Fitz and the Tantrums play, the organizers have just given up.

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The reason I went every year was to be able to barhop and discover new bands. What made MFNW fun was that it showcased all of the wonderful venues we have in town. Guess I'll be pulling the trigger on Pickathon this year instead.

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RE: "It's Official: Meet the 'Stop the Bull Run Takeover' Campaign" [Blogtown, Feb 14], regarding the newly announced official opposition to the Portland Public Water District.

"If this measure passes, the ownership of the Portland water system gets transferred to a government that a few people might be able to control." As opposed to what we have now? Don't get me wrong, I oppose this initiative. I think it's reactionary and ill conceived, and you'll forgive me if I don't trust citizen initiatives around our water supply after the last one was so riddled with pseudoscience, deceit, and new-age woo-woo-ery. But that line elicited a guffaw. Something needs to be done about how the water bureau is run, but this is not it.

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RE: Recent film reviews of A Field in England, Winter's Tale, About Last Night, and Knights of Badassdom [Film, Feb 12].

DEAR MERCURY—Ned Lannamann could have stopped at the first paragraph. His halfhearted attempt to talk me out of A Field in England made me more interested than the entire rest of the review. Gonna watch it tonight.


Not that I would ever let myself get dragged to garbage like [About Last Night], but your review really puts a stake through the heart on this one. At least Winter's Tale sounds so ridiculously bad that it might be fun to go make fun of.

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Since [Knights of Badassdom critic Denis C. Theriault] can't seem to understand that a spoiler alert goes BEFORE the spoiler, I'm just going to have to regard his byline as a spoiler alert and avoid reading anything beyond that.

posted by Robert Triptow

No, I understand. It was on purpose.

posted by Denis C. Theriault

If you're going to review anything, you'd better understand this: You do not spoil. Not even if you don't like the film or the book or anything. The arrogance of spoiling is beyond comprehension, shows a lack of respect for the reader as well as for the film, and negates any valid observation you might possibly hope to make... There were reviewers in 1980 who hated the entire Star Wars phenomenon, as I recall. That didn't entitle them to reveal to readers that Darth Vader was Luke's father. (Whoops! Spoiler alert! Too late!)

posted by Robert Triptow

WHOOPS! SPOILER ALERT: Robert wins this week's Mercury letter... er online comment exchange, and with it two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where one hopes he can find a film that hasn't yet been spoiled for him.