TO THE EDITOR—I understand that the American taxpayer is expected to eventually pay for the war in Iraq, bank bailouts, and for the economic stimulus package. I think Bush & Co. should have their severance pay garnished since they got us into this mess.

-Sweetie Coli


TO THE EDITOR—Oregon beer tax could shut down one of our best industries ["What's Next? A Tax on Being Happy?" Blogtown, Mon Feb 16]. We have more brewpubs per capita than anywhere in the world (yes, including Germany and Ireland). Now they want to raise the tax per barrel on beer in this state. This would change Oregon's beer tax from one of the cheapest in the nation to one of the most expensive. The national average is $7.87. During the recession the beer microbrewing industry is one of the things that hasn't had major problems. And, Oregon exports a ton of it. Deschutes Brewery is set to expand and is exploring options. They have stated that a Bend expansion of facilities is preferable, but are now looking at expanding elsewhere or contracting with another company somewhere else to do part of their brewing. This proposed tax could shut down much of the industry in Oregon, also making us less marketable by driving up the price of Oregon beers. Using 2007 figures, the Deschutes Brewery is the seventh largest craft brewer in the US. Sierra Nevada Brewing in Chico is second, and Full Sail Brewing in Hood River is ninth. Let's also not forget the hops, wheat, and barley growers the beer industry supports locally. Or how about the glass industry? Willamette hops is a big industry, so is Oregon's brewers yeast industry. How many jobs are they looking to have us lose? Are our reps in the state government insane? What's worse, Democratic Senator Diane Rosenbaum is a sponsor. She has five small breweries in her district: Lucky Labrador, Roots, Clinton Street, Hopworks, and Philadelphia's. Email her and let her know what you think:

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THE MERCURY RESPONDS: For more on this ridiculous story, see Last Supper!


DEAR LETTERS TO THE EDITOR—I just watched my neighbor, who lives in the same non-smoking apartment building as I do, throw another cigarette butt onto the already cigarette-butt-littered driveway right in front of my door. What is wrong with people? When you throw cigarette butts on the ground it's littering. The world is not your ashtray. Outdoor public places are still public places, not somewhere to throw your garbage. Cigarette butts on the ground are disgusting, spit-soaked, carcinogen-packed wads that poison the ground, poison the water, and stick to the bottom of our shoes. Please, please, please find an ashtray or a garbage can for those butts.



DEAR MERCURY—My friend and I were having a spirited debate over an issue, but realized that as stuck-up little pricks still living on our parents' dime and groveling over meal plans, we could really never legitimately settle the debate. Since there are exactly zero "cool people" that go to Lewis and Clark, we thought we'd ask the authority on the subject: the Portland Mercury. What we have deemed ourselves unworthy of determining is: Within the category of platinum gangsta rap who is king, Slim or Dre?


CONSIDER THE FACT that Dre invented the Cabbage Patch dance, and we think you will agree that the answer to this debate is clear. Patrick wins two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where the cabbage is worth dancing about.