Photo by Heather Arndt Anderson


RE: "Pickle Your Fancy" [Food Issue Feature, May 21], in which author Heather Arndt Anderson tested and rated five regionally made brands of pickles.

DEAR MERCURY—While I appreciate that your pickle critic liked a different pickle than we produce, to be so nasty about it is a little much. Maybe Heather should take a look at what and how she criticizes. I understand she didn't like our style of pickle. Being a critic is easy. But I also see that she has some kind of attitude about Eugene. We work hard with local farms and being the only organic pickle around is something we are proud of. Also, like your paper, trying to be a small business in the current economic setting is hard enough. But then again maybe you folks don't care and that's fine too.

Paul Fuller, proud owner of Sweet Creek Foods


RE: One Day at a Time, weekly, in which columnist Ann Romano summarizes and comments on the previous week's news.

DEAR MERCURY—It is astounding that each week you give the neo-fascist Ann Romano a full page to spew her beyond politically correct leftist talking points. Her column, which started as seemingly innocuous celebrity fluff, has devolved into a pushy, holier-than-thou snark attack. As someone whose vanguard is winning the cultural battle, does Romano really think that in January 2017 when Obama leaves office we're suddenly going to wake up in the antebellum South?

My Brain, My Choice


RE: "Gender Specific" [Letters, May 28], in which reader Anthony P is concerned with the "mass-political-delusion" of a "third-sex-gender."

DEAR MERCURY—Have you guys considered dedicating next week's Love Notes to Anthony P? The tag line could simply read "Anthony P is a homophobe," and you could allow two columns for the most intelligent and impassioned letters explaining why he will end up on the wrong side of history and why his prejudices have very few corners left to hide in our fair city.

Mark Ancharski

DEAR PORTLAND MERCURY—After reading Anthony P's dissertation on "XY" and "XX" chromosomes and somehow coming to the conclusion that gays who want to get married can't legally because there is no such thing as "third sex or gender," I have questions: Who gives a fuck? Why does Anthony P give a fuck? Why do you sound like every right-wing Christian whose assholes pucker up every time they think of queers getting married? If Anthony came right out and said he can't stand gays, let alone gays getting married, and his source of proof this is wrong is from the Bible, most of us would say he's nothing more than a bigoted homophobic dolt. Instead Anthony is going to sound more legit by using "science" to convey his bigoted homophobic opinions. I really hate to get your "XY" chromosomes in a twist, Anthony, but maybe you should put your name on it instead of giving science a bad name.

Gregory J


RE: "The Yuppy/Hipster Division" [Letters, May 28], in which reader Matt bemoaned the state of quickly developing SE Division.

DEAR MERCURY—Regarding the letter where the writer said Elliott Smith would stab himself in the heart over Division Street development. I guess we could continue to bulldoze forests to build suburbs and strip malls, but I personally think forests are better than suburbs. But if we don't want more suburbs, then we have to create places for people to live in cities. We have to increase urban density. Apartments above, retail below. People can walk, ride bikes, take public transit. It's what's happening on Division and it's a good thing. Better for communities, better for the environment. If you don't like apartment buildings, you can move to a suburb. They still exist! I hear the property values are declining! You're sure to get a bargain on a nice, big, single-family house with nary a shop, restaurant, bar, or four-story apartment building in sight. Good luck.

Mr. Fiddlestein

GOOD POINT, Mr. Fiddlestein! You win this week's Mercury letter of the week, along with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, which is also multi-use. You can use it to watch movies and eat pizza and drink beer!