In response to "Just Another Nice Soccer Fan" [Letters, April 2] I want to point out how bored I am hearing about Americans' relationship to soccer. Do you think bringing [Major League Soccer] to Portland is gonna create some football renaissance? I've followed Timbers faithfully for five years and will continue to do so, but after watching English Premier League [EPL], and seeing players connecting passes, playing with every last shot of adrenaline 'til their hamstrings tear, and creating goals from 30 yards away on the volley... going back to PGE Park to a pseudo-European atmosphere with disconnected play is just deflating. Sorry. I am excited for a new level of live sport in my hometown, but realistically, the timing is fucked and I don't feel good how the money is being allocated from other needy sources in the 89th minute.

-Posted by Andie on portlandmercury.com


While this story will do much to alert the Portland community about bedbugs, it also somewhat reinforces the stigma that only poor or indigent people have bedbugs ["Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite," News, April 2]. People in all economic strata have this problem if you do your research. It's just much harder for people without the cash to hire a pest control company. That is the only difference.

-Posted by tarrabyte on portlandmercury.com


[The Made in Oregon sign is] private property ["Made in Ornery-gon," News, April 2]. They want to change two words. They pay for its maintenance and upkeep. It's been changed at least twice before, and the city's culture didn't come crashing apart. The city has no money for this kind of crap. Commissioner Leonard: Let it go.

-Posted by Jbruner97 on portlandmercury.com


Um, hello ["R.I.P., Action Heroes," Film, April 2]? What about Clive Owen (Shoot 'Em Up, Children of Men, etc.)? Just because it's not a stupid '80s-style action movie, or stars some lame ex-bodybuilder/bodyguard/bartender/friggin' personal trainer doesn't mean it doesn't kick ass. BTW, you are a shitty writer.



Hi. I hit your Mercury delivery van in Southeast the other day. And by "hit" I mean my passenger side mirror clipped your rear end, shattering the red taillight. I assumed that like most minor accidents this would somehow result in some pricey cosmetic repairs that my broke ass would be unable to afford. Your driver was not home to answer my knocks, so I left my info with a neighbor. The driver called me back the next day to tell me there was a spare taillight cover in your parts garage and that it was an easy and free repair for him. He thanked me for leaving a note. THANK YOU, PORTLAND MERCURY for not attempting to draw blood from a turnip, and for taking care of your shit responsibly... and for having a garage with spare parts.

-Dru Luv

OH MAN WE WISH we had a parts garage! We'd like to thank you as well for drawing attention to the always awesome Mercury distribution team. As you've learned, they're good people. Enjoy two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where they'll sideswipe you... with deliciousness!