DEAR MERCURY—I was recently interviewed by Stephen Marc Beaudoin for the June 4 issue regarding the effort to recall Mayor Adams ["Fight or Forgive?" Queer Issue, June 4]. In the last section [from a totally different story by Matt Davis; "Mayor or Monster?" Feature, May 28] the word "moralists" is used to describe those who either do not support Mayor Adams or who wish to see the recall effort succeed. The use of that word is either intended to be pejorative or it shows that the writers do not understand the nature of the effort to recall Mayor Adams. If the writers assume that the recall effort is a moral crusade, they are mistaken. If it is the opinion of the writers that Mayor Adams [should] remain in office, I have no problem with that. I do, however, have a problem with reporters presenting fiction as fact or using misleading language. 

-Andrew Poe


DEAR MERCURYThunderball is "arguably the quintessential Bond" [Film Shorts, June 4]? Hey, I love the Tom Jones song too, but Thunderball has a pretty lame bad guy, a forgettable plot, and spends way too much time underwater. Seriously, Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice (and even From Russia with Love) are way better.

-Lukas Sherman


DEAR MERCURY—For a long time I have not been saying anything about this, but with this "Queer Issue" [June 4]. I suspect you all are homosexuals down at the Mercury. I have nothing against homos—hell, I sell weed to one. No wonder it is so easy to get laid here. I just thought Portland had more sluts per capita than anywhere else. Please have a slut issue and not full of those lame-ass hipster bitches either.

-"BIG" Mike


DEAR MERCURY—I'm disappointed by the Mercury's story in the June 4 edition entitled "Unity. Unity? Unity!" [Queer Issue]. Having been contacted for this story, the alarm bells went off early on as I let the writer know that it appeared to me he was looking to cause a fight rather than report facts, [and] the whole interview felt weird. To be clear, I fully support any group that organizes as a way to build community and empower its members. Furthermore, I absolutely do not believe [Cascade AIDS Project] CAP can be the only solution for all, and am grateful for any organizations that seek to work toward common goals, be they newly formed or longstanding. It is for this very reason that we have offered space to house Unity Project Oregon at CAP as they seek to reignite their programming. In addition—while the author sought to imply a parting of ways between Unity and Q Center, it is my understanding that the issue of Q Center housing Unity was one purely of logistics, not disagreement. Perhaps all the readers would have been better served by quality reporting that sought to share facts rather than incite individuals.

-Michael Kaplan, Cascade AIDS Project executive director


DEAR MERCURYDarkman, far from being unwatchable, is one of the finest action/disfigurement/revenge movies ever made ["Who Wants Some?" I'm Staying Home, May 28]. What other film has a trans-fenestration cam? What other film has a few blissful frames of Liam Neeson's head attached to a tiny dancing puppet? NAME ONE.

-Brad Werth

CONGRATULATIONS TO BRAD for his admirable courage in stepping up on behalf of a cinematic turd like Darkman. Indeed, we cannot name one. Brad wins two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! where trans-fenestration is not recommended. At all.