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RE: "The Green Rush Is Coming" [Cannabuzz, Nov 26], forecasting the imminent effects of Oregon's recent legalization of recreational marijuana use on current marijuana growers.

The commercial cannabis permit application process is a sting operation. No experienced underground grower is going to red flag himself by applying. They would have to suspend current operations in order to pass inspection, [and] they need a clean criminal background. This is why only the inexperienced entrepreneurs and big-time organized crime syndicates will manage to obtain a commercial license, and why only low-quality product will be sold in stores.

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RE: "Uber Alles" [I, Anonymous, Nov 26], in which an anonymous Radio Cab driver warns the city what Uber would do if it's allowed to operate in Portland.

I actually waited at Fred Meyer for almost an hour for a Radio Cab driver to pick me up. When one finally did, she told me I had been dropped from the queue, and that it was common among cab drivers to drop people from the queue if they are at a grocery store. (Because they don't want to get stuck driving Helen four blocks with her bag of cat food for a shitty tip.) When your dispatcher hung up on me when I called to find out where my cab was, THAT'S when you lost me as a customer. If you are the best, then you will survive and thrive. If you suck balls, then I won't mourn your demise.

posted by burtreynlds

Burtreynlds, I'm sorry that it can take a long time to get a cab at a grocery store or in general during peak hours. What makes you think the guy who is driving for Uber because he couldn't pass the city's licensing requirements or got fired from a local cab company is going to prioritize your trip from a grocery store over other orders, which are likely to pay more, any more frequently than local cab companies currently are? The city is evaluating issuing more cab permits in the next few months. That is the solution to your having to wait too long, not letting Uber flood the market with amateurs and criminals who couldn't pass our background check.

posted by John Orr

I'm all for supporting local businesses, but Portland has one of the lowest numbers of cabs per capita of any major city in the country, and relatively high fares. I'm willing to support any business or change in legislation that would break down the arcane rules of this city and make it easier to get from Point A to B safely and efficiently—whether that's allowing Uber to operate here or simply doubling the number of cabs on our streets.

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RE: "No Cannes Do" [Film, Nov 26], a critical review by Arts Editor Megan Burbank of Jean-Luc Godard's recent 3D film Goodbye to Language.

I recently saw Godard's Goodbye to Language, and after reading Ms. Burbank's review, I think she missed the point of one the most significant films of the 21st century. I think Godard is clearly trying to develop a new film language through creating new film metaphors. I did not find the film "snooty." Maybe it was the quotations of famous writers or the scene about the Shelleys in Geneva. The film did have a minimal plot, but Godard gave up plots years ago. As for the technical issues, [I] would argue the technique of being [out] of focus was intentional. This is a film that should not be missed by Portland viewers, even though it is a difficult film, as most of Godard's films are.

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RE: "Frank Cassano's Imbecile Parade" [New Column!, Nov 26], a Thanksgiving edition that gives a window into the tableside conversations between our regular contributor and his relatives.

Frank, why don't you get your lazy bitch ass up and walk your fat-fuck imbecile self over to the fucking mashed potatoes? Do you want us to wipe your ass for you after you take a shit next, too, you fat fuck?

Grandma Cassano, 95 (posted by sallyjwright)

THAT'S THE SPIRIT, Grandma! You've won this week's Mercury letter/comment of the week! You get prizes: Two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where you can squint and gum your way through a rotating selection of talkies and pizza pies!