RE: "A Leap of Faith" [Feature, March 4], regarding money allocated for dealing with the gentrification of North and Northeast Portland.

DEAR MERCURY—How can you be so blatantly contradictory? How are you going to write an immense article about gentrification but show us yet another senseless picture on the cover!? Ugh, give us a break. Your readership is NOT just white assholes in Southeast. If you are worth any salt, and especially because you are Portland's newspaper of choice, you need to show diversity through your cover art!! Please, stop perpetuating irritating "Portland" stereotypes and give us some depth.


You people who have moved here to experience liberal Portland need to get out of town. You have increased rents and home prices and made it virtually impossible for the middle class to live in Portland without working two jobs.

A city needs diversification to survive and Portland is on a downhill slope. It's no wonder that residents east of 82nd want to secede. Also, if you think Portland is really that liberal, do your homework and research Portland's checkered past.



RE: "Outdoor Neighbors" [I, Anonymous, March 11], regarding double standards of etiquette about dogs' and cats' toilet behaviors.

As a cat person, I have to support this [I, Anonymous] and tell other cat people that their outdoor cats really are nuisances. Whether it's your cat shitting in your neighbor's yard for their dog to eat, or your cat shitting in your neighbor's vegetable gardens, they're nuisances. Keep them inside!

posted by gofigure

I personally don't care what people say—my cats will always be outdoor cats. And if your dog eats shit, well I think it's your dog's business. I have never had a dog get sick from eating shit. Better yet, none of my dogs have eaten animal shit. Dogs will be dogs, and cats will be cats. Deal with it!

posted by Bryanna Hogan


RE: "Portland's Happy Hour Guide" [Feature, March 11], a guide to many of the city's happy hour food and drink specials.

Conquistador would be a good addition here, but after my last trip there I don't think I actually want anyone else going. Regardless, they've got a great happy hour that goes 'til 7 pm, including empanada bites, fried plantains, and a nice nacho plate. Plus their staff is great.

posted by Aestro

Not sure why Ate-Oh-Ate isn't on there, unless we're just assuming everyone already knows. Five dollars for a "name brand" (Laurelhurst Market) burger, set of crisp Korean wings, or your choice of sliders with a full set of sides for $2 is fast food prices for top-quality stuff. And the $5 Mai Tai is the cheapest way for someone with my alcohol tolerance to get smashed in no time. Sad I'm not downtown more for Mi Mero Mole, they had Reverend Nat's Tepache on tap for $2.50, which was a total steal. That and their all-you-can-eat tacos on Tuesday was the fullest I've been in a long time. Glad to have a reference like this of some places though, information on this kind of stuff is surprisingly difficult to find online despite all the resources.

posted by Paul D'Elia


RE: "The View from a Linnton Roadside" [News, March 11], an interview with Norman Wicks Sr. and Norman Wicks Jr. on the state of homeless criminalization in Portland. The Wickses were at the center of a 2000 ruling that dismantled the camping ban, which has since regained power.

DEAR MERC—[newly minted News Editor] Dirk VanderHart's interview with the Wicks gents is local journalism at its best. Welcome, Dirk VanderHart! The new guy with a funny name is just as good as the old guy with a funny name.

Isaac Hudson

THANKS ISAAC! We like Dirk too, and are super excited to see what he'll do in his new position leading our coverage of Portland news! Meanwhile, please accept two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater for winning the Mercury's letter of the week, where the familiar selection of pizza and beers to go with your movie is welcome news.